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UPSC Geology Optional CSE and IFS
GATE Geology courses

Making Us Proud

Meet our top performers.

Mrinal Shreshtha 

IAS 2022

Sahil Poswal

IFS 2022

Shobhit Joshi 

IFS 2022

Apoorv Dixit 

IFS 2021

Ankit Sinha

IFS 2021

Joyita Saha

GATE 2023

Swayambhu Tripathi

GSI 2023

Ankita Phukan

GSI 2023


GSI 2023

Swaroop Panda

GSI 2023

Rajesh Pattanayak

GSI 2023

Pronoy Tamuli

GSI 2023
*All were our classroom students

Running Courses(UPSC 2024-2025)

Geology optional Comprehensive course for CSE and IFS/IFoS

Geology Optional Crash Course

Geology Optional Crash Course for IFS/IFoS 2024

Forestry Optional Crash Course

Forestry Optional Crash Course for IFS/IFoS 2024

Geology and Forestry Optional Combo Course

Geology + Forestry Optional Combo Course for IFS/IFoS 2024

Interview Guidance for IFS:IFOS

Interview Guidance Program for IFS/IFoS

General Studies CSE Prelims: MCQs based Mentorship Module 2024

CSAT Module for UPSC CSE Prelims 2024 : Civil Services Aptitude Test

Running Courses(GATE & GSI 2024-2025)

Geology (GATE/GSI-Pre) Course 2025

GSI Mains 2024 Crash Course

GSI Prelims Crash Course

PYQ Revision Crash Course for Combined Geoscientists Prelims Exams

See What Our Students Are Saying

Check out what our students are saying about our courses and the mentors.

Planet Geology made learning Geology very efficient and exam oriented for me. I am thankful for the guidance of Mayank sir and Lawrence sir which was critical for my success in the UPSC exam.

Sahil Poswal, IFS 2022 (AIR 2)

All marks I scored in Geology is due to Planet Geology and the mentors. They made Geology very easy to learn and a scoring subject.

Shobhit Joshi, IFS 2022 (AIR 6)

Joining Planet Geology comprehensive course was the best decision I could have made, and the course helped me complete the syllabus within a very short span and ultimately score one of the highest marks in the exam. I am grateful to Mayank sir and Lawrence sir for their expert and exam oriented guidance.

Apoorv Dixit, IFS 2021 (AIR 11)

I was Geology crash course student at Planet Geology. Both the mentors  taught me enough geology in just 1 month to get a rank in IFS. Really grateful for all the guidance.

Ankit Sinha, IFS 2021

Planet Geology played a vital role in my success in Geology. The consistent feedbacks and insights from Lawrence sir and Mayank sir were catalyst in my performance in the exam.

Mrinal Shreshtha, IAS 2022

Sir thanks a lot!! Planet geology acted as a boon in this journey. Apart from preparing optional subjects, it has been a source of motivation and support!

Shivam Mishra, IFS 2022

Running Test Series (2024-2025)

UPSC Geology Optional Test Series

UPSC Geology Optional Test Series

GATE Geology Test Series

GATE Geology Test Series

GSI Mains Geology Test Series

GSI Mains Geology Test Series

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