GATE 2024 Geology and Geophysics Answer Key (Unofficial)

The answer key for the GATE 2023 Geology and the common section of the Geology and Geophysics exam

The answer key for the GATE 2024 Geology and the common section of the Geology and Geophysics exam has been prepared. This is the first draft of the answer key. It is currently under review for errors, and the answers may be updated in the coming days.


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The answer key is unofficial, and the actual answers provided by GATE may vary. This answer key is intended for students’ reference only, and Planet Geology cannot be held responsible for any discrepancies between these answers and those in the official key.

The solutions have been created in a short time frame and these may be updated on further review.

Gate 2024 Geology and Geophysics: Solutions & Analysis

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