Boundary Problems in Indian Stratigraphy

  • Stratigraphic boundary problems are an important component of describing the geology and stratigraphy of India.
  • Stratigraphic boundaries separate rocks of significantly different environments or lithology.
  • Stratigraphic boundaries are ideally defined by distinct lithological, geochemical, and palaeobiological signatures, to which a chronological framework can be applied.
  • Stratigraphic boundaries are determined by one or more of geological events such as 
    • volcanic activity, 
    • sedimentation, 
    • tectonism, 
    • paleo-environments & 
    • evolution of life. 
  • Faunal records have played a major role in determining the boundaries of the Phanerozoic units. 
  • The other geological events are dated on the evidence of fossil records. 
  • Boundary problems refer to the process of demarcating stratigraphic boundaries and addressing the challenges that may arise.
  • Marking sequence boundaries is not a straightforward exercise.

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